We Bid Good-Bye to the Marine Dog

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Marine dog to get final farewell

"A German Shepherd who served the Marines in Afghanistan will receive a final farewell Saturday. The 12-year-old war dog is aged and slowed by sight, hearing and hip problems, but he will get a proper sendoff courtesy of his owners and his battle buddy."

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We sincerely feel that German Shepherds are awesome

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Kung Fu Doggy

Here's a funny dog meme about a dog called Grasshopper who knows Kung Fu. Does your doggy know kung fu? If so, please let us know by calling one of our live operators now!

Kung Fu Doggy

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German Shepherd Guard Dogs for Security

It’s important to have a secure home, and nothing makes a home feel more secure than having german shepherd guard dogs around. If you own a home and don’t have a dog, you should consider investing in a german shepherd or two to really lock down the property.

German Shepherd Guard Dogs – Best Option

German Shepherd guard dogs are the best kind of dogs to have if you want to secure your home, simply because, by instinct alone, almost every german shepherd believe it’s his or her job to let you (the big dog) know about any little irregularity on the property, or any strange person, intruder or animal that wanders onto the property.

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If a strange presence is encountered by german shepherd guard dogs, they will invariably bark at that object until your attention is certain to have been provoked. And if that intruder has the misfortune of entering a property protected by german shepherd guard dogs, they will surely regret it, as german shepherds, while very friendly and loving towards their imediate family, are not so forgiving to strangers trespassing on what they consider to be their home territory.

Training Guard Dogs

You can also train your german shepherd to stay in the house and remain very well behaved. This works really well to protect your home while you’re away for short periods of time. However, you should do this with a german shepherd that’s under 2 years of age, as it generally takes that long for them to grow up and learn how to behave exactly as they are trained. They will, however, learn in two years if trained properly by their owners.

It’s also a great idea to have your property fully fenced, and let your german shepherd guard dogs roam free within the fence at night to fully police your property. This way you can be sure that your home is fully secure and protected via the perimeter. And if anything unusual enters your territory, you’ll be sure to know about it immediately.

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